An Illustrated Guide To Growing Food On Your Balcony

balcony_book_1Green Thumbs staffer for many years, Lara Mrosovsky, published An Illustrated Guide To Growing Food On Your Balcony.

In the inner city tens of thousands of people inhabit high-rise buildings, and have no space for growing food on the ground. In much of the city’s landscape, green space is scarce, community gardens are not widely available and organic food costs a lot. So balcony gardens make sense. Balcony gardens feed people and more importantly teach about food and soil.

This little book has an illustration on every page, to help instructions come to life and be more easily understood. Not only can you use this book as a guide for your own growing project, it’s full of ideas for group activities and any number of its pages can be copied as stand-alone worksheets.

balcony_book_2The design is beautiful and the hand-drawn pictures would be a joy for kids to color, while they learn about seeds, plants and growing.



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Currently books are available in Toronto at Urban Harvest, The Big Carrot, Evergreen Brickworks Garden Market, and FoodShare Toronto.

Click here to download anti-copyright drawings from the book