Healthy Air, Water and Soil

People often ask us, is it safe to eat the food grown in the city? Let’s break it down. The fact that we even ask the question means that we know, instinctively, that city air and city water are less than pristine, given the large urban population. Let’s just remember that we breathe the air and drink the water, so food that we grow in the city has “breathed” the same air and “drank” the same water! As for soil, we DO test our soils before growing food.

Testing soil for nutrients and metals is important, and we generally use the laboratory services at the University of Guelph. Taking a soil test is not difficult, and while soil testing is a bit on the expensive side, you would rather know, wouldn’t you, if your soil was too high in lead to grow green leafy vegetables! Even then, though, lead does not make it into the fruits of the plant, so you’d still be okay to grow tomatoes.

By composting and constantly adding compost to our soil, we are adding the slow-release nutrients that plants need. We’re also adding humus, the spongy organic matter that helps soil hold water in the proper amount and release it when plants need it.