Staff & Board


  • Sunday Harrison
    Executive Director
    sunday (at)
  • Naomi Benoist
    Administrative Coordinator
    naomi (at)
  • Polina Malkin
    Volunteer and Membership Co-ordinator
    volunteers (at)
  • Chimu Titi
    Youth Program Co-ordinator
    urbanrootsyouth (at)
  • Karrin Huynh
    Garden and Food Educator (Children’s Program)
    karrin (at)

Board of Directors

  • Hélène St. Jacques
  • Prateeksha Singh
  • Todd Irvine
  • Susan Blagg
  • Matthew Callahan
  • Jeremy Runnalls
  • Susan Jagger
  • June Komisar
  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • Melana Roberts


Staff Bios

Sunday Harrison

Executive Director
Sunday Harrison, aside from her role as founder and Executive Director of GTGK, is also an experienced landscape gardener, working on private properties before starting Green Thumbs Growing Kids. She has a Landscape Architecture certificate from Ryerson University and contributes to knowledge-building in urban gardening, including green roofs, food gardening, landscaping with native plants, organic pest control, composting and rainwater catchment. She recently graduated from York University with a Masters in Environmental Studies and concurrent Graduate Diploma in Environmental and Sustainability Education. Educating for climate change and learning to live in harmony with the earth's capacity is her passion.

Chimu Titi

Youth Program Leader
Chimu Titi has a Permaculture Design certificate with a focus on urban permaculture design. She's an avid gardener whose passion lies in accessible, scalable solutions to challenging cityscapes. She is always researching and implementing sustainable organic techniques specifically for urban areas; from rooftops and yards to community spaces. She believes that every home is a garden waiting to blossom.

Naomi Benoist

Administrative Coordinator

Polina Malkin

Volunteer & Membership Coordinator
Polina has a background in Customer Service, Administration and Graphic Design. She loves everything nature and outdoorsy. She is passionate about school garden education, care and respect for the environment and healthy nutrition. She is always looking to create an interesting and unique volunteering experience with Green Thumbs.

Karrin Huynh

Garden and Food Educator (Children's Program)
Karrin is an Ontario certified teacher who approaches teaching through a social justice lens to ensure students are empowered, active global citizens. She is committed to teaching students in Toronto's downtown core about environmental sustainability and food justice. Karrin's passion for working with children as well as her passion for gardening and cooking result in her ability to provide rich garden programs that engage students with hand on activities while learning important life skills.