Allan Gardens Children’s Conservatory

5593025560_1e279b39c5Since 2006, Green Thumbs Growing Kids has been running a school-day program at Allan Gardens Children’s Conservatory, a City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation site, in early spring. From mid-March till the end of May, students from local schools plant seeds and make cuttings in the greenhouse to get an early start on long-season crops. The seedlings are later brought to their school gardens to be transplanted. Each hands-on greenhouse program is linked to the Ontario curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 8, covering interrelated subjects such as vermicomposting, needs of plants, soil types, ecosystems, biodiversity, water, recycling, seeds and plant propagation.

Following the hands-on activities in the Children’s greenhouse, students are taken on a tour of the main greenhouses which are open to the public 365 days per year free of charge.