Kids Growing

Starting with the idea of connecting children to their food, we give them the tools to grow, harvest and enjoy food through hands-on learning programs on public school and park lands. Food produced in the school garden during the school year goes into lunch or snack programs – into students’ mouths. Summer produce is equally distributed among volunteers and families who participate in the garden work.

School-based programs that engage children in their class time are linked to Ontario curriculum, especially the science strands, but also math, language, art, social studies, and obviously healthy eating and healthy physical activity. Our programs are run in each school’s garden, or if the weather is not agreeable, in the classroom. Teachers book us for the workshops through an email exchange, and we support the garden learning in our workshops in much the same way as a physical education teacher supports health curriculum or a librarian supports literacy, across the grades.

Other school-based programs take place on the school grounds but are not part of formal learning in class time. They may be after school, or during the lunch recess. This supervised recreational programming is also greatly important for students, to allow for free play and exploration.