Green Thumbs Growing Kids

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Note: Occupational Health & Safety Policy is also available as a PDF.


Green Thumbs Growing Kids (GTGK) recognises that it is responsible for worker health and safety, including the health and safety of volunteers when they are working on its behalf. In addition, all workers and volunteers share a responsibility to maintain healthy and safe environments, and to protect their own personal health and safety through their decisions and actions. Cooperation between all staff, board members, volunteers and program participants is needed.


GTGK is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. GTGK will ensure that its operations are conducted in a manner that is consistent with reasonable standards of health and safety (including all applicable legislated standards) in order to prevent or reduce accidents, injuries, or illness.

Everyone working for GTGK will work in compliance with such standards.

All staff, board members, volunteers and program participants are encouraged to report to the Executive Director any concerns about workplace health and safety. The Executive Director will investigate and deal with all such concerns, with the goal of ensuring that a healthy and safe work environment is maintained, including adequate allocation of funds and resources for this purpose.

A copy of this policy will be posted on the GTGK website,

Approved by the Board of Directors: October 4, 2011