Green Thumbs Growing Kids

Abuse Prevention and Procedures Policy

Note: Abuse Prevention and Procedures Policy is also available as a PDF.

Those designated “employees” or “volunteers” with Green Thumbs Growing Kids are:

  1. those who have fulfilled all requirements and background checks, including reading provided GTGK documentation and consenting to a police check, before they can work/run GTGK programs. “Volunteers” who have fulfilled these requirements will be authorized to work with children and vulnerable persons without direct staff supervision, after three months.
  2. given an orientation including the reading and review of a comprehensive abuse policy, harassment and exploitation training, and full review of the GTGK behavioral expectation policy. They will sign off that they are aware of the checklist of GTGK abuse prevention policy points that are in place, of procedures for reporting, in confidence, in case of abuse, and documenting the process. All allegations or suspicions of abuse are taken seriously. Volunteers with concerns will be supported by staff in consulting and reporting to child protection authorities.
  3. directed to the GTGK board-level complaints committee to receive any allegations or complaints of abuse brought forward within the context of GTGK program activities. This committee consists of the Executive Director, the President and one additional board member. Should an allegation be made against the ED or the President, a senior staff member and/or other board member will be called upon to join the committee. Reports of abuse of vulnerable persons will be kept on file for twenty-five years.