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Reflections on Yield, 2014 growing season

Reflecting on yield, by Chimu Titi, Urban Roots Youth Program Leader Gardeners think a lot about yield, what is it?  Quantity?  The quality? What we learned? What we shared?  As summer retreats and fall approaches we recall what went right and what went pear shaped.  We have numbers.  Over 20 lbs of fresh organic produce harvested per week and enjoyed in Urban Roots Culinary programs as well as sold at the Green Thumbs Growing Kids table by youth volunteers.  This does not include the produce harvested daily by community members.  We sold over 70 lbs of fresh organic produce at the weekly Regent Park Farmers Market.  Produce was also ...

Seed Freedom & Dr. Vandana Shiva coming to TO

http://seedfreedom.in/2014-call-to-action-for-seed-food-and-earth-democracy/ Please visit this site and support Dr. Vandana Shiva's campaign! She's coming to speak in Toronto on Nov. 15 as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Exciting!

Green Thumbs Growing… Gardens!

Our new social enterprise - check out the amazing skills and knowledge now available for your home garden! visit www.kidsgrowing.ca/what-we-do/garden-care for more details. Email gardencare@kidsgrowing.ca to book a consultation.