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District of Columbia (US) Healthy Schools Act is an inspiration!

Article by Sunday Harrison I've been reading about the most comprehensive legislation I've ever seen supporting healthy food and healthy environments in schools. It is the D.C. Healthy Schools Act, passed in 2010. Here's one of the infographics: And upcoming is a celebration that last year included: - 62 schools participated nearly 10,000 students involved - 34 chefs demos reaching over 1000 students involved - 4 teacher workshops - 2 Best School Garden Awardees DC Growing Healthy Schools Week (Oct. 22-26) "Growing Healthy Schools Week celebrates school gardens and farm to school programs throughout the district. During the week, school ...

Energy@Work Gives Us Their Energy!

On June 7, 2013, the amazing work crew from Energy@Work came to a Green Thumbs Growing Kids partner site, Winchester Public School Community Garden, to support our organization in bringing nature and fresh garden foods to kids in downtown east Toronto. Lara Rouse set up the work party, and here's the crew getting oriented to the site. From left to right: Sunday Harrison from GTGK, Ron, Steph, Jen, Lara, Manager of Training and Development and Ben, Associate Partner. Scott Rouse, Managing Partner, joined us shortly after this photo was taken. After getting some idea of what they'd gotten themselves into, the crew settled in for a marathon weeding ...

Lemonade and Bake Sale Supports School Garden

Cabbagetown Festival Lemonade and Bake Sale Stand raises over $200 for school garden! From left to right: Nisha Kulkarni, Talia Fry and Frankie Kerr. School was barely back in session when Nisha, Talia and Frankie got together to celebrate the Cabbagetown Festival, and to raise funds for one of their favourite places: Winchester School Community Garden! Proceeds of $207.45 will support the planting of new berry shrubs to keep the sweetness coming! Thanks girls - you're an inspiration!

Volunteer of the Summer Season – Saskia Vegter

Saskia Vegter (left), with Leslie Topness, Amina Mohamud, Lynn Nguyen, Momal Butt, and Allison Ha. Saskia volunteered throughout the 2013 season, working 40+ hours to connect children and youth to the natural world through food gardens. She was 100% reliable and a total joy to work with. Here's to you, Saskia - and thanks so much for your contribution not only to the garden and garden programs, but to the organization as a whole - we couldn't have done it without you!