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Jamie Oliver’s Blog that includes Sprucecourt/Green Thumbs!

Jamie Oliver's Blog that includes Sprucecourt/Green Thumbs!David Cunningham, the HSP teacher working on a blog with his students about Sprucecourt PS garden, got to post a story on Jamie Oliver's blog! check it out!

Garden Educator Extraordinaire!

Kryslyn Mohan, Green Thumbs Growing Kids' Garden Educator, pictured here with Coriander harvest, has been leading garden programs this fall and transmitting her enthusiasm and cheer to a different group nearly every day. She even offers programs in French! Way to go, Kryslyn!

Whole Kids Foundation and FoodCorps sponsored Sprucecourt PS and Rose Ave. PS in 2012

We are very pleased to announce that the funding received by us on behalf of gardens at Sprucecourt PS and Rose Ave. PS was well spent this year. Over 800 people were directly served by this grant, in meaningful ways that promote urban agriculture, healthy eating, and learning about our environment. Rose Ave. PS At Rose Ave. PS, a new garden bed was built that is now in process of becoming a Hugelkultur bed. A Huge Wha-a-a-t? you ask? Hugelkultur uses wood, massive amounts, in a garden bed. What happens is that the wood fibers break down into cellulose, a porous mass that holds enormous amounts of water, and releases it to plant roots as they ...