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Earthblock Garden Build, Urban Agriculture Summit

On Aug. 18, seven participants in the Urban Agriculture Summit, hailing from as far away as Oregon, attended a Green Thumbs Growing Kids garden build. We used Compressed Earth Blocks, made by Henry Weirsma of Fifth Wind Farms. Here's the location - it's like a small town of 20,000 people, in 10 city blocks full of highrises. The site will be shaded by a building to the south for 3 hours  in midday - actually could end up helping to conserve water. Henry showed up with about 100 Earth Blocks. His farm is a little over an hour away in Cobourg Ontario. He makes the blocks from his local clay, and adds 5-8% cement. The blocks are 1/10 of the ...

Small Change Fund – Urban Roots Youth Catching Rain

Small Change Fund - Urban Roots Youth Catching RainWow, what a dry summer up until last week. Our youth worked on the rainwater catchment system at Winchester Public School and "it was somewhat of a difficult task," says Alicia. "You had to have muscles!" Thanks to a grant by Small Change Fund, all of the rainwater catchment systems in our school gardens are getting a makeover.