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Happy 10th anniversary Winchester School Garden!

Happy 10th anniversary Winchester School Garden! We are proud and elated to announce that it is the 10th year anniversary of Winchester P.S. Community Garden! Come celebrate with us on Saturday, September 24th from 1pm to 4 pm. Details  (and more to follow!) listed on the poster.

Summer in the school gardens told in visuals

Collecting herbs and berries for herbal lemonade in the garden. Pre-school aged girl enjoying the aroma of thai basil flowers. Day camp kids participating in water relay race game Fresh produce picked by one of our long time garden participants. Nathalie proudly cradling a freshly picked zucchini, with Sail looking on at Bendale. Garden program at Sprucecourt led by the youth staff. Children eating the last of the peas before they have a chance of being taken home and cooked. Solar oven pizza topped with herbs and a side of sliced mouse melons. Bees pollinating cup plants.

A Life Change

Food is something that is important to our well being as a necessity of life but is often not paid attention to.  I was born and raised in the city of Toronto and grew up thinking I knew everything about food and where it came from.  Little did I know that people around me and myself barely scraped the tip of the iceberg. Growing up as a kid I had to be cautious around food due to my sensitivities and allergies.  It didn’t help that my mom would make sure I didn’t eat foods I haven’t eaten before which can be a potential allergen.  As I hit my teenage years I started to explore other foods with the support of my sister who motivated me to ...