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Green Thumbs Growing ADVOCACY!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to represent Green Thumbs Growing Kids at the Parks and Environment Committee meeting at Toronto City Hall (super bonus: beating the heat in air-conditioned Committee Room 1).  In case you've missed (or perhaps avoided) the recent media coverage, the accounting firm KPMG was hired by the city to perform a Core Services Review in an effort to identify areas where City Hall may be able to save a little extra cash - a tidy sum of $774 million dollars, to be exact.  While there are lots of "opportunities" on the table, one that is particularly concerning to us at Green Thumbs is the proposition of "a reduction or eliminati...

Toronto District School Board Food and Grounds Tour Review

Meghan the intern here again, bursting at the seams to talk to you about one of my latest adventures!  As a student whose academic background is based in Nutrition and Dietetics, I have experienced a steep learning curve when it comes to topics like urban agriculture and environmental sustainability.  Being introduced to these ways of thinking has actually been one of the things that I have valued most about my practicum; every day, I’m learning how to see issues through multiple lenses.  My most recent experience as a participant at the Toronto District School Board Food & Grounds Tour was an excellent opportunity for me to use my newly ...

Help Us Harvest At Our Garden Drop-Ins!

Here's your smile for the day - our summer garden drop-ins are back and we would love to have you over for a visit!  They will be running every Tuesday (at Winchester) and Wednesday (at Sprucecourt) nights from 5 pm - 7 pm.  Come enjoy the gardens in their summer splendour and get some fresh garden treats for your family!

New Youth Team Members @ GTGK

Great news - remember how we were looking for some amazing youth to fill summer positions with GTGK this summer?  Well, we've found three great new team members who will be working with us all summer long!  Winston, Sail, and Nathalie have been hard at work this week sprucing up our gardens for the programming they'll be helping to run.  They'll also be integral staff for our garden drop-ins Tuesdays at Winchester from 5 - 7 pm and Wednesdays at Sprucecourt from 5 - 7 pm - so if you just can't wait to meet them, come on out! Welcome to Green Thumbs Growing Kids, Winston, Sail, and Nathalie!!