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Garden Party & Flower Tasting Fundraiser Update

More details about the Garden Party  & Flower Tasting Fundraiser happening on Sunday May 16th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at Allan Gardens Children Conservatory! Chef Anne Sorrenti's sample menu inspired by and infused with local organic seasonal flowers and herbs: *Flower Petal Tortilla Pinwheels with fresh Salsa *Sauteed Day Lily Buds and Wild Mushroom Tart *Herb Flower Pesto and Chevre with Crispy Leeks on Crostini *Herbed Scones with Old Cheddar and Hot Pepper Jelly *Tea Sandwiches with flower and herb infused cream cheese and other fillings *Nasturtium Lemon Butter glazed Salmon on a Chive and Thyme Potato Cake *Lavender Shortbread * ...

Cool shout-out in EcoSchools April newsletter

We are quite pleased to receive a mention from our friends at TDSB's EcoSchools  in their April Newsletter issue: Green Thumbs Growing Kids (GTGK) EcoSchools Section 3: Questions 3.3, 3.6 This small and incredibly talented group of gardener-educators should be on everybody's radar! Through extensive long-term engagement with Rose Avenue and Winchester PS, Sunday Harrison and her staff have been planting 'seeds' of inspiration and practical skills as students take their knowledge of and passion for the living world with them through life. Check out their newsletter to learn about their spring program (available in English and French) at www.kidsgr...

EarthDay Cake at Winchester Public School

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Lara helped grade 2 and 3 students build a fantastic EarthDay Cake in the lasagna-garden style, except round, and with a great old seedhead on top for the candle. The earth, according to Wikipedia, is 4.54 billion years old. That is a lot of candles.

Green Thumbs at Slow Food table, Green Living Show

I'll be at the Green Living Show today with our friends at Slow Food Toronto! then tonight, getting in on the party at the Green Toronto Awards, where I got to weigh in on the winners this year for the prize we won last year.

Green Thumbs Garden Party Fundraiser May 16th

Experience the beautiful Victorian-era greenhouses and a new children's garden at Allan Gardens Children Conservatory. Sample a fantastic menu prepared by our chef Anne Sorrenti, inspired by and infused with local organic seasonal flowers and herbs. There will also be a silent auction, music, seed and plant sale and other exciting activities for the whole family. More details to come! You can purchase tickets online here or by clicking on the flyer above. You can also RSVP by contacting us at info(AT)kidsgrowing.ca and pay at the door. A receipt for a portion of the ticket cost can be issued. Come and enjoy a spring afternoon with us!

year-round food gardens feed school children

Thanks to season extension techniques -cold frames, raised beds and row covers- our lettuce and spinach were in the ground all winter long! Children planted the seeds inside miniature, greenhouse-like coverings that protected the food plants against the harsh winter. Since November and December the tiny seedlings were 'frozen in time' just waiting for the warm spring and rainy weather to bring them to life again. At garden club the school garden was filled with children who delighted in the harvest of fresh greens. As the bell rang to go back to class, children eagerly brought their overflowing boxes of salads into the school lunch room, while ...

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