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Eco Club making jerk chicken, rice and peas

The second group of students, all girls, from Eco Club decided on making jerk chicken and a rice and peas dish, after much deliberation. Once they saw the recipe, there was no question about what they wanted to make! We used the Stop's cookbook, which was a favourite of all the Eco Clubs students when we perused piles of cookbooks earlier in the month. They had been hesitating between making jerk chicken with rice and peas, and also wanting to make coleslaw, cheddar biscuits, Broccoli Leek soup, Joshna's Vegetable Chile, and about a dozen other recipes. I think they also liked the colourful photos that displayed the dishes tantalizingly! We met up ...

Seed saving in the winter

Below are some photos from a seed saving workshop we did in December. Some of the seeds will for be the schools for the next growing season (I am personally ready for Spring already), and the rest will either be exchanged, given away or used to raise money. (more…)

Haiti Relief

As you most likely know, Haiti's worst earthquake in 200 years struck last week devasting the country affecting millions of people. We strongly encourage that you support any of the great organizations on the ground providing aid and relief. Avaaz.org is one organization sending 100% of funds into post-earthquake relief and rebuilding programmes and efforts to strengthen local systems in Haiti. Click here for more details.

Eco Club making lasagna and salad

Winter is a good time to stay indoors and focus more on learning food preparation skills. Also to eat yummy hot foods to fill our stomachs and warm us up! This week we launched a new cooking program with the Eco Club at Winchester P.S. We are lucky that the school has a kitchen in the art room that isn't used in the afternoon, and that both teachers and administrators were happy to let us use the space. Even Ms. Charmyne, who makes the students delicious meals at the school for lunch and who uses the garden produce and herbs in her cooking when it is available, lent us some of the kitchen ware we needed.  The first group of middle schools students ...